Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Rookie Blue

Genre: Drama/ Action

A cop show about a group of rookies fresh from the academy.

First Impressions: I like it.

The chemistry between the characters is great, they aren't flat, each character has an interesting personality - everybody is out to prove something. There's good conflict, good action scenes. The drama and situations they get into are mostly believable. My only qualm with the show is that the main rookie is a little bit too good.

She's almost a Mary-Sue character, everything is perfect, she doesn't get credit for her good deeds but doesn't say anything about it. Where are the flaws? The big bad thing she does isn't really her fault. The two male leads (the Detective and the Undercover Bad Boy - hello eye candy) both vie for her attention.

Worth Continuing: I'd watch just for the hot Detective, honestly. And the character chemistry. Definately joining my watchlist.

Watchability Score: 8/10

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