Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Parks and Recreation

Genre: Comedy

First Impressions: Three words: Do. Not. Want.

P&R is squirmy humor, like The Office, but worse. Tom is creepy, the blond lead (I forget her name, she's that memorable) is way too happy, while the rest of the cast is way to dry. I spent the episode going 'Why, blond lead, whyyy?' she was so bubbly, even in the face of everyone being so unimpressed all the time.

It's so obvious that they're just trying to ride the success of The Office - they even use the same sort of camera work. But it's not funny at all. At all. What makes The Office bearable is, as weird and annoying as the Boss is, he's still endearing and you constantly catch yourself saying, poor guy, he just wants to be loved! But his P&R female clone is just pathetic.

Worth Continuing: Heck NO. I barely made it through the first episode.

Watchability Score: 1/10

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