Monday, 11 July 2011

Ranger's Apprentice, Fake Cast

Taking a temporary break from reviews, I recently discovered that a movie is being made out of the Ranger Apprentice series! I love this series, I own the first three books, and am slowly collecting the rest (too slowly for my liking, but Nii has restricted me to one book per month, much to my chagrin). I can't find a cast list, so here would be perfect cast, if I were in charge:

Logan Lerman as Will
           He has Will's hair, the right sort of thin-framed body type and a sort of sneakily curious expression to his face.

Jeremy Irons as Halt
           The voice. The look. I'm not usually one for beards, but the man looks sexy in a beard. He's a skilled horseman, loves gardening and nature. It's one thing to pretend, but it gives it that extra something special when the actor has the same attributes as the character.

William Mosely as Horace
           As previously seem on The Chronicles of Narnia as Peter. He's already proven that he can act a bully, and be righteous at the same time. He's handsome, with a good physical body type that you'd expect from a young warrior.

Emily Tennant as Alyss
         She just has the look of a straight-laced, no-nonsense type of girl.

Jennette McCurdy as Jenny
        Her full, round face gives the illusion of chubby, and she's still quite pretty.

Garrett Hedlund as Gilan
           Not only does he look and sound the part, he's worked with Jeremy Irons before, so they have a history - just as Halt and Gilan do.

Paul Bettany as Morgarath
          A clear sense of the theatrics and probably not someone you might suspect to play a super-evil character. While he can be happy, he always has a bit of a dark edge to his characters and he could express that really well as Morgarath. He'd have to be taught to play more subtle than usual, but he could be brilliant.

Meryl Streep as Pauline
          Streep has a look of wisdom and elegance, not to mention age, that makes her a perfect Pauline. Pairing her up with Jeremy Irons, and there's a strange looking couple - just as strange as what I picture in my head as Halt and Pauline. Picture perfect.

GĂ©rard Depardieu as Baron Aarald
          Rotund and carrying his own battlescars, Depardieu can be deadly serious but has a humor and sense of eagerness and peacockery that we'd expect to see from our lovely Baron.

Other Characters:

Orman - Gabriel Byrne
Xander - Josh Charles